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The first purchase of a ZooEasy CD-ROM or download version includes a free one-year subscription. A subscription to ZooEasy is not mandatory. After the subscription period expires you can continue to work with ZooEasy, but you are no longer entitled to helpdesk support or updated versions. If you are using the most recent version, your subscription remains valid until a new version will be released.

  • ZooEasy Pro Download (Version 13) $ 52.00

    ZooEasy for Bird Breeders and Studbooks including manual and handling costs. Delivered via Download.

  • ZooEasy Pro CD-Rom (Version 13) $ 74.00

    ZooEasy for Bird Breeders and Studbooks including manual, shipping and handling costs. Delivered by post on CD-Rom.

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All prices are valid up to and including 31 December 2018, no further costs are charged.