ZooEasy has tremendous features. Simple, easy to use and very professional. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by E-Mail.


  • Record all index data including titles, parents, breeder and owner.
  • Precise inbreeding calculations.
  • Record medical history and genetic information.
  • Fantastic search function for selecting cat data.
  • Print up to 5 generations in one pedigree, including picture and your own watermark or logo.
  • Quickly add new records from within the pedigree.
  • Follow bloodlines unlimitedly and see the information displayed in pedigrees.
  • Record all visits to the vet including diagnoses.
  • Easily change an incorrect pedigree number.
  • Quickly see how cats are related.
  • Brilliant default check to prevent double pedigree numbers.
  • Automatic composition of pedigrees.
  • Unlimited recording of notes.
  • Easily record additional details such as blood type.
  • Easily distinguish between own-bred and other cats.
  • Quick data entry of brothers and sisters by means of a copy function.
  • Easily enter a digital picture.
  • Print the index card for each cat including all relevant details.
  • Record foreign pedigree, chip and tattoo numbers.
  • Record cats with or even without a pedigree number.
  • Automatic age calculation.
  • Common ancestors are marked in the pedigree. This very quickly enables you to see which cats cause inbreeding.
  • Store the weight scheme per cat.
  • Request a graph with the weight development per cat.
  • Create a relationship matrix which shows how closely cats are related.
  • Quickly add cats from within the pedigree in order to complete incomplete pedigrees.
  • Separate administration of different breeds by tabs.
  • Enter multiple measurement values of body characteristics such as ear length. Categories can be added easily.
  • Link with, amongst others, Word and Excel documents in order to archive and edit (scanned) files such as medical examinations, images of examinations as well as transport documents, directly from within ZooEasy.
  • Store several pictures pertaining to an animal.
  • Accurate calculation of the parenthood loss value (AVK). (Note: This value refers to the fact that an ancestor occurs several times in the pedigree and is calculated independent of the birth date.)
  • Edit pictures directly from within ZooEasy.

Breeding pairs

  • Compose trial pairs based on relationship percentages.
  • Date of birth is automatically calculated and added to the logbook as a reminder.
  • Calculate the number of breeding pairs for each cat.
  • Easily record kittens including details and characteristics.
  • Unlimited recording of remarks.
  • Sophisticated search function for selecting breeding pair data.
  • Print a report of breeding pairs.
  • Enter the weight scheme of descendants.
  • Show the weight development of all descendants in a graph. In this manner data can be compared.
  • Store several pictures pertaining to a breeding pair.


  • Export the complete pedigree of a certain cat to a file and/or send it by E-mail.
  • Import the exported file from another ZooEasy user and add it to your own administration. Privacy sensitive data and medical data will not be exported.
  • Convenient to provide other ZooEasy users with a complete pedigreewhen selling a cat.
  • Import data from other pedigree registration programs by means of an Excel file that has been defined beforehand.


  • Fully record the judge's report, including remarks.
  • Easily distinguish between show results of different seasons.
  • Superb search function for the retrieval of show results.
  • Quick-sort show results.
  • Store several pictures pertaining to a show result (eg. show report or the prize won).

Contact list

  • Create and keep a well-organized contact list.
  • Find your contacts at a glance.
  • Record notes unlimitedly.
  • Quick-sort contacts.
  • Link with, amongst others, Word and Excel documents in order to archive and edit (scanned) files related to contacts, directly from within ZooEasy.
  • Store pictures pertaining to a contact.

Safety measures

  • Never lose important data using the ZooEasy (automatic) backup function.
  • Easily make backups on your hard disk, CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), flash disk, floppy disk, etc.
  • Password protection, require a password to access ZooEasy or restrict access only within sensitive areas such as your financial information.


  • Print pedigrees and other reports with customizable content and use the Internet to publish them or send them by E-Mail.
  • Produce an index card for each cat, including or excluding medical history, remarks or details.
  • Add your own watermark or logo to each report.
  • Create lists of cats on the basis of medical diagnosis, sorted by name, pedigree number or color.
  • Export reports to several formats unlimitedly.
  • Numerous sorting options are available for printing various reports.
  • Freely customizable reports and printing options.
  • Optional tailor-made reports for cat breeding clubs and associations (request a free quotation).
  • Print preview included for all reports.
  • Etc, etc.


  • Record your income and expenses.
  • Create reports stating the annual balance for items of your choice.
  • All totals are illustrated in a graph.
  • Suitable for all currencies.
  • Easily distinguish etween revenues and expenses in different periods.


  • ZooEasy is suitable for all breeds and also for clubs and associations.
  • The entry is checked while recording the details.
  • ZooEasy is mouse and keyboard driven.
  • Suitable for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000.
  • User friendly, easy to use for everyone
  • Internet connection required.


  • PDF and case sensitive online manuals included.
  • Superb product support.
  • FREE Helpdesk support during subscription period.
  • NO shipping or handling costs.
  • Secure and simple payment solutions.
  • Fully customized programs can be developed.
  • ZooEasy is dedicated to continuous development.


  • Cat database software Describe the details of your Persian cat, Burmese or any other breed
  • Add cat details Add characteristics, pictures, birth data and more
  • Show ancestors cats Follow bloodlines of your cats unlimitedly
  • Cat pedigree cards Print your cat pedigree up to five generations
  • Search cat breeders database Find your Siamese, Persians, Ragdolls, Burmese or other cats
  • Register offspring cats Add every new kitten to its parents' breeding records
  • Responsible cat breeding Create a relationship matrix and see how the cats are related
  • Logbook notes cats Record vet visits and the diagnostics in the logbook
  • Show results cats Easily retrieve all show results with this cat software
  • Address book Create and keep your contact list well-organized
  • Manage cat finances Distinguish the revenues and expenses easily