ZooEasy Pedigree Cat Software - the ultimate tool for cat breeding! Easily create a professional digital record of all your cat data with ZooEasy cat software. Ideal computer program for making cat pedigrees, selecting breeding pairs and recording the medical results and genetic information of your cats. ZooEasy Cat Software facilitates responsible breeding of Burmese, Ragdolls, Siamese, Persians and all other pedigree cats. ZooEasy Stand Alone is installed on your own pc. Would you prefer to work online? Click here.

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  • Complete and easy to use package for cat breeding
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Also suitable for members of cat clubs and associations such as TICA, National Cat Club, FIFe, CFA, ACFA, AACE, GCCF, The Australian Cat Federation Inc and Canadian Cat Association.

Suitable for cat breeders and enthusiasts of all cat breeds.

Create a clear overview of your cat data

Create a complete record of your cats and their characteristics such as temperament, personality, color, patterns, size, measurements, titles and birth and litter data. Also register your cats' genetic information and traits, as well as blood relationships including ancestors and descendants. Multiple digital pictures and documents can be added to each cat and detailed reports can be generated from all cat data.

Cat pedigrees and medical records

For each cat, a pedigree can be created and printed up to five generations. Also detailed medical results such as vaccinations, medical checks and test results can be recorded. Moreover, ZooEasy has clever search options, allowing you to select the best cats for breeding based on health, temperament or appearance characteristics.

Describe the details of your Persians, Burmese, Ragdolls or any other breed
Distinguish the revenues and expenses easily

Responsible and healthy cat breeding

ZooEasy pedigree cat software can be used to prevent inbreeding, allowing the breeding of cats in a responsible manner, thereby ensuring genetically healthy offspring. The program allows you to select the best breeding pairs using relationship percentages as well as the calculation of inbreeding coefficients. With ZooEasy pedigree cat software you can also add cats from other breeders to perform cross breeding.

Record cat shows results, contacts and finances

Maintain a detailed record of your cats performance in cat shows including prizes won. Also keep track of the contact details of your customers, fellow cat breeders, suppliers and others. In addition, this cat software allows you to manage the finances of your cat breeding by keeping an eye on expenses and revenues.

A perfect tool for all cat breeders and cat owners

ZooEasy pedigree cat software is easy to use and allows you to develop a complete digital record of all your pedigree cats. Regardless of whether you are a breeder of Ragdolls, Burmese, Siamese, Persians or any other breed of cat; ZooEasy pedigree software for cats is indispensable for keeping and breeding pedigree cats.

Breeding cats was never made this easy!

How to order - Safe and Simple Payments

ZooEasy Cat Software is available in CD-Rom and download version. Both can be ordered online in 5 simple steps. To order ZooEasy Cat Software, please click here.

ZooEasy corporate info, service and support

ZooEasy is well established in the cat breeding industry and currently serves over 12,000 customers worldwide. The program is used by many individual cat breeders but also by clubs and associations, petting zoos and schools. Our recently conducted customer survey indicates our customers are more than satisfied with our cat software and company.

ZooEasy is known for excellent product support and outstanding service. With a professional helpdesk and easy to use manual, cat breeding software could not be made easier. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at +31 (0)85 303 29 90.