"ZooEasy is a wonderful product. I use it for maintaining accurate records of breeding, housing, show records, finances, etc. It is the only product one will need. ZooEasy has made record keeping a pleasure, instead of a chore. This product is top quality at a reasonable price. Lastly, this is a company and product you can trust."

Roger A. Chaffin from Ashland, KY, United States

"Prior to using ZooEasy I had a computer program of my own which I had to work manually. ZooEasy has made my life much simpler as in the past I had to work out the pedigree myself which can take a bit of time to do but with ZooEasy you press button and it comes up quickly. I also like the search facility - just put in the number and in seconds it's there - the program has got so much going for it."

Len March, United Kingdom

"I found ZooEasy extremely useful and very user friendly software to keep track of breeding pairs, breeding results, and how pairs are formed among other very interesting features.

A very interesting feature is that you can keep a registry of all money you spent in breeding and the revenues you have. Thank you!"

Andres Ramon from Ecuador, South-America.

"I am very pleased with ZooEasy. I have all my animals in the system. I find it very handy for keeping track of all my finances. ZooEasy is very good and extremely useful! Plus you keep updating it."

G.J. Tomkins, United Kingdom.

"We have been showing our pugs for the past 3 years and are just about to start breeding - this software is just what we need."

Chris & Robert, breeder of Pugs From Broken Hill , Australia

"I am not only a pet owner and breeder, but I also run a registry/club for cockapoos. This database has been awesome. I can keep track of not only MY breedings and offspring, but also my clients. This is an absolute must have program when working with any breed, but establishing a new breed! Thank you!"

Cockapoo dog breeder- Karla Clippinger from Spanaway (USA)

"After trying a lot of breeder programs, I thought that I would have to give up or to build my own database. But at the Amsterdams World Show I found the ZooEasy stand and decided that I will give it a last try. I did not regret it.
ZooEasy is according to me the best software for my purposes and I have to say that the support given by their staff is very competent and fast."

Avraham & Helena Cohen, Dalmatian dog breeders, Sweden.

"For years, breeding dogs has been my hobby. For me, and other german
shepherd breeders, it is important to be able to select dogs for breeding
based on temperament and health. ZooEasy perfectly allows me to do this.
Thanks ZooEasy!"

S. Thomas breeder of German shepherds, Perth W.Australia.

"This program is exactly what it promises to be. It is easy to understand, fast and very user-friendly. The data one needs and wishes to store can all be retrieved by literally one mouse click. I am very satisfied working with the program and I am very relieved and pleased that I do not have to record the data on paper anymore. It saves me hours of work"

Rhys Morgans, Dalmatians dog breeder, the Netherlands.

"ZooEasy dog breeding software has made my life as a dog breeder so much
easier! While I used to record everything on paper, having a digital record
has meant a world of change. It is so much easier to sort through all my
data now and find what Im looking for this dog software is a real
time saver!"

K. Hodge, canine breeder, Florida, USA.

"Having decided that I wanted to breed Leonbergers, I started to investigate software availability to track the dogs lineage. I sampled four different packages including ZooEasy. ZooEasy was just ahead of the pack for what I wanted. It is easy to use, well laid out, provides a lot of flexibility, in that you can track all other kinds of information on the health and well being of each dog. It was not limited by any currency or country specific championship titles. An incredibly versatile package that is a total pleasure to use. The service from the support team has also been outstanding. Already I have entered ten generations for each of my breeding stock and use it to track the health/weight/food intake of my dogs and as I search for potential breeding partners, I can enter the information relevant to that dog so that I may make informed decisions. I can not recommend this package highly enough! Thank you ZooEasy for making the job of tracking the breeding of dogs so easy and pleasant at a very reasonable cost."

Denyse Goodall, Leonberger dog breeder, New Zealand

"I have been using ZooEasy since the beginning. I'm very satisfied with this beautiful breeding program. You get the results at a glance and it's a great help with combining new breeding pairs. Lots of praise and succes with your great program!


T. Beckers, breeder of rabbits, from Landgraaf, Netherlands

"I am a professional German Shepherd breeder and have been using ZooEasy
since the early release of the program. Needless to say, I am more than
satisfied with this dog software and could no longer imagine being a German
shepherd breeder without it!"

Jeff Lewis, German Shepherd dog breeder, Texas, USA

"All canine breeders should use this dog software! ZooEasy pedigree
software for dogs is an amazing tool for making dog pedigrees, selecting
dogs to breed with and monitoring inbreeding. Highly recommended for fellow
dog breeders and dog lovers."

Pedigree dog breeder: Andy Dawson from the UK.

"This program has allowed me to improve on efficiency of my kennel. In such aspects of finance, organising contacts, pedigrees and pass customers. The program has vital features for breeders. As I say ZooEasy has been too easy."

Nicholas Ryan, german shepherd breeder from Limerick

"As a breeder of German Shepherds, I feel responsible for maintaining the
standard of the German shepherd breed. Therefore, I pay careful attention
to FCI guidelines and developments. Using ZooEasy Pedigree Software for
dogs, I am able to adhere to important dog breeding standards, such as
those set out by the FCI, and feel I am able to contribute to responsible
canine breeding."

Dog breeder, A. Martinez, USA.

"With having a rare breed such as the Co da Serra da Estrela, it became evident that a pedigree sofware was essential. Not any kind of software could be used though, since we have breeders co working around the globe, we needed a software that was easy to use and made in English so everyone could use it, and share there pedigree info. All these criteria and much more was met when we found the ZooEasy program."

Robert Flood & Linda Sjtun, Co da Serra da Estrela dog breeders, Sweden

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