"I found ZooEasy extremely useful and very user friendly software to keep track of breeding pairs, breeding results, and how pairs are formed among other very interesting features.

A very interesting feature is that you can keep a registry of all money you spent in breeding and the revenues you have. Thank you!"

Andres Ramon from Ecuador, South-America.

"ZooEasy is a wonderful product. I use it for maintaining accurate records of breeding, housing, show records, finances, etc. It is the only product one will need. ZooEasy has made record keeping a pleasure, instead of a chore. This product is top quality at a reasonable price. Lastly, this is a company and product you can trust."

Roger A. Chaffin from Ashland, KY, United States

"I went from paper to ZooEasy in one giant step. There's no looking back now! ZooEasy has made my record keeping both simple and attractive."

Sam Traten, breeder of Serama Chickens, Timbrado Canaries From Phoenixville, PA, USA

"Prior to using ZooEasy I had a computer program of my own which I had to work manually. ZooEasy has made my life much simpler as in the past I had to work out the pedigree myself which can take a bit of time to do but with ZooEasy you press button and it comes up quickly. I also like the search facility - just put in the number and in seconds it's there - the program has got so much going for it."

Len March, United Kingdom

"I am very pleased with ZooEasy. I have all my animals in the system. I find it very handy for keeping track of all my finances. ZooEasy is very good and extremely useful! Plus you keep updating it."

G.J. Tomkins, United Kingdom.

"This software is easy to use and one of best for keeping records of you poultry. I highly recommend this program to breeders of all types of animals"

Rickey Hampton, breeder of gamefowl from Elizabethton

"This sounds like a great program for any breeder of poultry or otherwise"

Alexandrea, breeder of Serama Chickens From Hollis

"I raise registered Boer Goats for meat, breeding stock and show, so as you can imagine I need a record system that tracks EVERYTHING about my stock. ZooEasy is perfect! It records everything I need from pedigrees, breeding records and health information to finances. The most important thing is that it does all this in a simple to learn user friendly manner. I love this program!"

Louise Goudge, Boer goat breeder, Eagle Creek, OR, USA

"I have tried various programs to track my breeding program and ZooEasy is everything I need. Easy to use and excellent for keeping track of every aspect of breeding, care, and even showing our poultry. I highly recommend this program to breeders of all types of animals."

Lily Branga, breeder of chickens & turkeys, US

"Thank you for your fast response to my question about kinship. Problem solved! Perfect program. We are very happy with this for our rat breeding program.


Rattery Ratteneiland, Alkmaar, Netherlands

"I am happy to have come across this breeding software."

Kwame Wiafe, breeder of chicken From Mpraeso, Ghana.

"When breeding Gamefowl everything has to be monitored and remembered. Breeding records have to be strictly kept, and ZooEasy makes it so easy for me. I love it so much Im thinking of upgrading to the next version! I recommend this to any animal breeder, and most definatly to any gamefowl breeder. www.dannysgamefowlfarm.com"

Danny Pritchett of Danny's Gamefowl Farm, breeder of Law Greys, Shorty Bullock Greys, Roundheads, Butcher, and Hatch Gamefowl from Marietta, SC (USA)

"In 1995 I've started with 4 Syrian hamsters and in september 2001 I joined the NKB in the Netherlands. With lots of succes. I started to give all my hamsters a pedigree and it works, because most individual customers want to have a hamster with a pedigree, so they can participate in shows. I've been trying out at shows for 4 years now, and finally I won the nationals in the Netherlands with the best Syrian hamster (BTT Utrecht). With thanks to ZooEasy!"

Nicole Ostlender, breeder of hamsters, from Koersel, Belgium

"We use ZooEasy for 3 groups of animals (guinea pigs, rabbits and pheasants) and we're very satisfied. In the beginning we has some trouble, but that was well and fastly solved. If you have a problem, you will get a message very fast that they are working on it. We are enormously satisfied!"

E.M. Stijns (Comb. Westerdijk), breeder of guinea pigs, rabbits and pheasants, from Vlissingen, Netherlands

"I have been using ZooEasy since the beginning. I'm very satisfied with this beautiful breeding program. You get the results at a glance and it's a great help with combining new breeding pairs. Lots of praise and succes with your great program!


T. Beckers, breeder of rabbits, from Landgraaf, Netherlands

"I have been using your product for several years now & would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your product. I breed Serama Poultry & keep very accurate records. One of my favorite features that you have is the pedigree section. All of the poultry that I sell comes with a pedigree, this is so helpful when I have return customers that would like to see which birds are related or not. Also the financial section for expenses & income has been a life saver when I am doing my taxes & keeping track of everything. I plan to continue using your software & recommending it to the other breeders that I know."

Jessica Gibbons, poultry breeder, Sullivan County, NY, USA

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