Central online database for your association or society ZooEasy Online is an innovative registration program, specifically designed for mouse associations and societies. Via an online database, an association can centrally register a wide range of data about mice, litters, breeding pairs, (trial) pedigrees, health and shows. Because one-and-the-same database is used, the board, committees and other members of the association can easily share information while working from different locations.

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Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3.1 or above and a digital Internet connection are required.
The advantages of ZooEasy Online for your association:
  • Multiple users from different locations
  • Continuity of the register
  • Data is always up-to-date
  • Secure database, protection of privacy-sensitive information
  • Automatic back-ups: No data loss in case of a computer crash
  • Easy to use
  • Aiding the purity and continuity of the breed

Central and clear data record

A wide range of data can be registered for all mice such as registration number, parents, date of birth, DNA profile, pictures, blood relatives, breeder and owner. Additionally, a complete medical record can be maintained for each mouse, allowing the recording of detailed health information including genetic status and genotype. Also all information related to breeding pairs, litters, litter size and offspring is easily registered in the database.

Trial pedigrees and inbreeding calculations

Complete registration of mouse data
ZooEasy Online offers the possibility to create detailed pedigrees and to trace bloodlines unlimitedly. Members can construct trial pedigrees with potential breeding pairs and can carry out associated inbreeding and relationship calculations. Members are therefore stimulated to make responsible breeding choices. The inbreeding and relationship calculation in ZooEasy Online has been checked and approved by Wageningen University in the Netherlands and uses Wright’s equation. The number of generations used for these calculations is adjustable.

Registration of Results, Contacts and Reports

(Trial) pedigrees are easily constructed
With the Results module, the association can maintain a complete record of shows. A separate member administration is no longer necessary now that all contact data can be registered in self-determined categories. Reports can be constructed of the information entered in the database using the Reports module. This provides greater insight into the breed and allows investigation of, for example, genetic defects and diseases.

With each mouse, breeding pair, contact and result it is possible to save attachments such as extra pictures, documents and other files.

Access and rights for members

Privacy is guaranteed with the ZooEasy Online authorization structure
The association can grant the board, committee members, and other members access to the database. The association determines who has access and which rights users are allocated. With read-only accounts, users are given access to view non-sensitive information only. With breeder accounts, users can modify and/or remove own data. Board and committee members can, if desired, obtain full rights to add, modify and/or remove all data using management accounts.

Security, Hosting and Backups

The ZooEasy Online central database is well-protected from unauthorized access. All users receive a username and password allowing them to access the database. ZooEasy takes care of the complete hosting of the online database and backups are made daily.

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Switching from another program

Switching to ZooEasy Online is extremely simple. ZooEasy carries out the import of ZooEasy stand alone files free of charge. Also data from other programs, such as Breedmate, Animal Stackers or privately developed programs, can be transferred by ZooEasy.

Reliable Helpdesk

The ZooEasy Helpdesk offers professional product support to administrators. Please do not hesitate to contact us at no obligation for more information, the free trial period or a price quote. We also carry out customized projects.

ZooEasy Online is available in English, German, Danish and Dutch.