ZooEasy Mouse Software - the ideal management tool for mouse breeders! Now you can easily create a professional digital administration of all your mice. This easy-to-use computer program is the perfect tool for selecting optimal breeding pairs, making mouse pedigrees, and recording characteristics, genetic information and medical history. Moreover, show results, finances and contacts can be recorded to provide a complete overall database for mouse breeders and all those raising mice. ZooEasy Stand Alone is installed on your own pc. Would you prefer to work online? Click here.

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  • Easy to use package for mouse breeders
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  • Over 18 years of experience in software for mice

This software is suitable for those breeding or raising mice of all breeds.

Also suitable for members of mouse clubs and associations such as RMCA, AFRMA, The National Mouse Club and Australian National Mouse Club.

Record all mouse data

With ZooEasy Mouse Software you can create a professional and complete overview of your mice horde. Record all index data and genetic characteristics such as color, birth data, registration numbers, body length, coat condition, eyes and weight. Also register detailed family history of each mouse including descendants, ancestors and further blood relationships. Using this software for mice, also multiple digital pictures and documents can be added and detailed reports of all mouse data can be created.

Record all your mice in this mouse breeding software
Keep track of revenues and expenses

Optimal breeding of mice

We understand the importance of healthy and responsible mouse breeding. Therefore, ZooEasy software for mice allows you to calculate inbreeding coefficients and relationship percentages when selecting breeding pairs. This means inbreeding can be prevented and genetically healthy offspring is ensured. The program also allows you to add mice from other mouse breeders.

Mouse pedigrees and medical history

Create and print the finest mouse pedigrees including a picture and your own watermark or logo. A complete medical history of all mice can be created by recording medical results such as vaccinations and test results. Using the programs clever search options as well as the clear mouse pedigrees, the best and healthiest mice can be selected for breeding.

Keep track of contacts, finances and shows

Combine the contact information of your entire network, including other mouse breeders, customers, suppliers, mouse associations and clubs. Also manage the finances of your mouse breeding by recording expenses and revenues. In addition, ZooEasy mouse software allows you to maintain a digital record of achievements in animal shows.

The perfect software for breeding mice

ZooEasy mouse software is easy to use and allows you to develop a professional digital overview of all your mice. All data related to your animals, including mouse pedigrees, is registered together in one orderly database. This user-friendly program is suitable for all breeds and will form an indispensable aid for all those raising and breeding mice.

Service and product support

ZooEasy is well-established in the mouse breeding industry and currently serves over 12,000 customers worldwide. The program is used by many individual mouse breeders but also by associations, clubs, petting zoos and schools.

ZooEasy is known for excellent product support and outstanding service. With a professional helpdesk and easy to use manual, mouse breeding software could not be made easier.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at +31 (0)85 303 29 90.

Ordering ZooEasy Software for Mice

ZooEasy Software for mice is available on CD-Rom and as a download version. Both can be ordered online in 5 simple steps by clicking here.